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Receive data from another worker


data = labReceive
data = labReceive(srcWkrIdx)
data = labReceive('any',tag)
data = labReceive(srcWkrIdx,tag)
[data,srcWkrIdx,tag] = labReceive



labindex of a particular worker from which to receive data.


Tag defined by the sending worker’s labSend function to identify particular data.


Character vector to indicate that data can come from any worker.


Data sent by the sending worker’s labSend function.


data = labReceive receives data from any worker with any tag.

data = labReceive(srcWkrIdx) receives data from the specified worker with any tag

data = labReceive('any',tag) receives data from any worker with the specified tag.

data = labReceive(srcWkrIdx,tag) receives data from only the specified worker with the specified tag.

[data,srcWkrIdx,tag] = labReceive returns the source worker labindex and tag with the data.


This function blocks execution in the worker until the corresponding call to labSend occurs in the sending worker.

Introduced before R2006a