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mxGPUCopyImag (C)

Copy imaginary part of mxGPUArray

C Syntax

#include "gpu/mxGPUArray.h"
mxGPUArray* mxGPUCopyImag(mxGPUArray const * const mgp)



Pointer to an mxGPUArray. The target gpuArray must be full, not sparse.


Pointer to an mxGPUArray.


mxGPUCopyImag copies the imaginary part of GPU data, and returns a new mxGPUArray object that refers to the copy. The returned array is real, with element values equal to the imaginary values of the input, similar to how the MATLAB imag function behaves. If the input is real rather than complex, the function returns an array of zeros.

Use mxGPUDestroyGPUArray to delete the result when you are done with it.

Introduced in R2013a