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mxGPUDestroyGPUArray (C)

Delete mxGPUArray object

C Syntax

#include "gpu/mxGPUArray.h"
mxGPUDestroyGPUArray(mxGPUArray const * const mgp)



Pointer to an mxGPUArray.


mxGPUDestroyGPUArray deletes an mxGPUArray object on the CPU. Use this function to delete an mxGPUArray object you created with:

  • mxGPUCreateGPUArray

  • mxGPUCreateFromMxArray

  • mxGPUCopyFromMxArray

  • mxGPUCopyReal

  • mxGPUCopyImag, or

  • mxGPUCreateComplexGPUArray.

This function clears memory on the GPU, unless some other mxArray holds a reference to the same data. For example, if the mxGPUArray was extracted from an input mxArray, or wrapped in an mxArray for an output, then the data remains on the GPU.

Introduced in R2013a