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Scheduler IDs of tasks in job

Since R2019b



schedulerIDs = getTaskSchedulerIDs(job) returns the SchedulerID of each task on the job job. Note that SchedulerID applies only to third-party schedulers.


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Create a cluster object by using parcluster. In the code below, change MyThirdPartyScheduler to the name of the profile of your third-party scheduler.

c = parcluster('MyThirdPartyScheduler');

Create a job and create some tasks for it. Then, submit the job.

job = createJob(c);
for idx = 1:2

To get the scheduler IDs of the tasks on the job, use getTaskSchedulerIDs. You can use these IDs to refer to the corresponding jobs on the third-party scheduler.

ans = 1×1 cell array

In this case, the scheduler has assigned the ID 4933 to this job.

Wait for the job to finish and fetch its outputs.

out = fetchOutputs(job)
out=2×2 cell array
    {121×1 double}    {121×2 double}
    {129×1 double}    {129×2 double}

When you are done retrieving information from the job, delete it to clean up its data.

clear job

Input Arguments

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Job object that represents the job on the third-party scheduler, specified as a parallel.Job object.

Example: job = createJob(parcluster);

Data Types: parallel.Job

Output Arguments

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SchedulerID of each task on job, returned as a cell array of character vectors.

Version History

Introduced in R2019b