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Queue job in scheduler





Job object to be queued.


submit(j) queues the job object j in its cluster queue. The cluster used for this job was determined when the job was created.


Find the MATLAB® Job Scheduler cluster identified by the cluster profile Profile1.

c1 = parcluster('Profile1');

Create a job object in this cluster.

j1 = createJob(c1);

Add a task object to be evaluated for the job.

t1 = createTask(j1,@rand,1,{8,4});

Queue the job object in the cluster for execution.



When a job is submitted to a cluster queue, the job’s State property is set to queued, and the job is added to the list of jobs waiting to be executed.

The jobs in the waiting list are executed in a first in, first out manner; that is, the order in which they were submitted, except when the sequence is altered by promote, demote, cancel, or delete.

Introduced before R2006a