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Cancel job or task



    cancel(t) stops the task object, t, that is currently in the pending or running state. The task's State property is set to 'finished', and no output arguments are returned. An error message stating that the task was canceled is placed in the task object's ErrorMessage property, and the worker session running the task is restarted.

    cancel(j) stops the job object, j, that is pending, queued, or running. The job's State property is set to 'finished', and a cancel is executed on all tasks in the job that are not in the 'finished' state. A job object that has been canceled cannot be started again.

    If the job is running from a MATLAB® Job Scheduler, any worker sessions that are evaluating tasks belonging to the job object are restarted.

    If the specified job or task is already in the 'finished' state, no action is taken.


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    Cancel a task. Note afterward the task's State and Error properties.

    c = parcluster();
    job1 = createJob(c);
    t = createTask(job1, @rand, 1, {3,3});
      Task with properties: 
                       ID: 1
                    State: finished
                 Function: @rand
                   Parent: Job 1
         RunningDuration: 0 days 0h 0m 0s
                    Error: The task was cancelled by user "mylogin" on machine "".
                 Warnings: none

    Input Arguments

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    Task, specified as a parallel.Task object.

    Job, specified as a parallel.Job object.

    Version History

    Introduced before R2006a

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