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Ensemble View Preferences

Modify how the app displays ensemble members.

Group By

Use Group by when you want to visually separate members by condition variable label. The app uses a different color for each label. For example, if your condition variable is Fault Code with labels Healthy and Unhealthy, members from healthy systems are a different color than data from unhealthy systems. The plot legend shows the color associated with each label value.

Ensemble Representation by Members or Statistics

  • Show a curve for each member signal — Display each member individually.

    • Maximum number of curves to show — Reduce the number of curves the app displays. Use this option when you want to clarify the shape of representative member traces, or when your ensemble contains many members that take a long time to plot.

  • Show signal variation among ensemble members as confidence regions — Display the mean and standard deviation of the ensemble. Use this option when you are interested in signal variation rather than the specific behavior of individual member signals.

    The app saves the statistics that it calculates for the variation plot in single-member variables, and stores those variables in the SummaryData dataset. These variables are equivalent to the variables you would generate using Filtering & Averaging > Ensemble Statistics. You can use these ensemble statistics to generate signal residues in Residue Generation.

    • Number of standard deviations — Modify the number of standard deviations to display in the shaded confidence region.

    • Show minimum/maximum boundaries — Display the envelope of the source member signals.