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Data object containing analyzed result of specified circuit object



hd = getdata(h) returns a handle, hd, to the object containing the analysis data, if any, for circuit (rfckt) object h. If there is no analysis data, getdata displays an error message.


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Create a circuit object, rfckt.amplifier object.

h = rfckt.amplifier;

Use the getdata function to create a data object containing analyzed result of specified circuit object.

hd = getdata(h)
hd = with properties:

            Freq: [191x1 double]
    S_Parameters: [2x2x191 double]
      GroupDelay: [191x1 double]
              NF: [191x1 double]
            OIP3: [191x1 double]
              Z0: 50.0000 + 0.0000i
              ZS: 50.0000 + 0.0000i
              ZL: 50.0000 + 0.0000i
        IntpType: 'Linear'
            Name: 'Data object'

Input Arguments

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Circuit object, specified as an rfckt object.

Data Types: double

Output Arguments

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Analysis data, returned as a object.

Version History

Introduced before R2006a