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Import and update Gerber files


Use the PCBReader object to create a printed circuit board (PCB) reader to import Gerber files and to facilitate the creation of a PCB model. A Gerber file is a set of manufacturing files used to describe a PCB. A Gerber file uses an ASCII vector format to describe 2-D binary images.


You can create a PCBReader object using the following methods:

  • gerberRead — Create a PCBReader object with the specified Gerber and drill files.

  • The PCBReader function described here.



B = PCBReader(S) creates a PCBReader object that imports multilayer PCB design files described in S.


The PCBReader object reads RS-274X Gerber files. It does not support RS-274D Gerber files.

B = PCBReader(Name=Value) sets Properties using name-value arguments. Name is the property name and Value is the corresponding value. You can specify several name-value pair arguments in any order as Name1,Value1,...,NameN,ValueN. Properties not specified retain their default values. For example, B = PCBReader('StackUp',S,'Drillfile','ant.txt') imports the layer and drill files into the PCBReader.

Input Arguments

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PCB stackup definition, specified as a stackUp object.

Example: S = stackUp; B = PCBReader(S)

Example: B = PCBReader('StackUp',S)


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PCB stackup definition, specified as a stackUp object.

Example: S = stackUp; B.StackUp = S;

Example: B = PCBReader('StackUp',S)

Name of Excellon drill file, specified as a character vector or string scalar. You can specify either a DRL or a TXT file.

Example: B.DrillFile = 'ant.drl'

Discretization points on curved segments, specified as a positive scalar.

Example: B.NumPointsOnCurves = 80


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Create a PCB stack up definition object using default properties.

S = stackUp;

Set the thickness of the dielectric Air in layer 1 to 0.1 mm.

S.Layer1.Thickness = 0.1e-3;

Import a top layer Gerber file to layer 2.

S.Layer2 = 'interdigital_Capacitor.gtl';

Create a PCBReader object using the stackUp object, S.

p = PCBReader('StackUp',S);

To update the Gerber file, convert the PCBReader object to a pcbComponent object.

pcbcapacitor = pcbComponent(p);
pcbcapacitor.FeedDiameter = 0.001
pcbcapacitor = 
  pcbComponent with properties:

              Name: 'interdigital_Capacitor'
          Revision: 'v1.0'
        BoardShape: [1x1 antenna.Rectangle]
    BoardThickness: 0.0062
            Layers: {1x4 cell}
     FeedLocations: [0 0 2]
      FeedDiameter: 1.0000e-03
      ViaLocations: []
       ViaDiameter: []
      FeedViaModel: 'square'
         Conductor: [1x1 metal]
              Tilt: 0
          TiltAxis: [0 0 1]
              Load: [1x1 lumpedElement]

View the PCB component in the Gerber file.


Figure contains an axes object. The axes object with title pcbComponent element contains 6 objects of type patch, surface. These objects represent PEC, feed, FR4.

Version History

Introduced in R2021b