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Object for storing rigidBodyTree import information


The rigidBodyTreeImportInfo object is created by the importrobot function when converting a Simulink® model using Simscape™ Multibody™ components. Get import information for specific bodies, joints, or blocks using the object functions. Changes to the Simulink model are not reflected in this object after initially calling importrobot.


[robot,importInfo] = importrobot(model) imports a Simscape Multibody model and returns an equivalent rigidBodyTree object, robot, and info about the import in importInfo. Only fixed, prismatic, and revolute joints are supported in the output rigidBodyTree object.

If you are importing a model that uses other joint types, constraint blocks, or variable inertias, use the Simscape Multibody Model Import name-value pairs to disable errors.


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This property is read-only.

Name of the source model from Simscape Multibody, specified as a character vector. This property matches the name of the input model when calling importrobot.

Example: 'ImportedURDFExample'

Data Types: char

This property is read-only.

Robot model, returned as a rigidBodyTree object.

This property is read-only.

List of blocks that were converted from Simscape Multibody blocks to preserve compatibility, specified as a structure with the nested fields:

  • AddedBlocks

    • ImplicitJoints — Cell array of implicit joints added during the conversion process.

  • ConvertedBlocks

    • Joints — Cell array of joint blocks that were converted to fixed joints.

    • JointSourceTypecontainers.Map object that associates converted joint blocks to their original joint type.

  • RemovedBlocks

    • ChainClosureJoints— Cell array of joint blocks removed to open closed chains.

    • SMConstraints — Cell array of constraint blocks that were removed.

    • VariableInertias — Cell array of variable inertia blocks that were removed.

Object Functions

bodyInfoImport information for body
bodyInfoFromBlocksImport information for block name
bodyInfoFromJointImport information for given joint name
showdetailsDisplay details of imported robot

Version History

Introduced in R2018b

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