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Select target for model configuration set



switchTarget(myConfigObj,systemTargetFile,[]) changes the selected system target file for the active configuration set.


switchTarget(myConfigObj,systemTargetFile,targetOptions) sets the configuration parameters specified by targetOptions.


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This example shows how to get the active configuration set for model, and change the system target file for the configuration set.

% Get configuration set for model
myConfigObj = getActiveConfigSet(model);
% Switch system target file

This example shows how to get the active configuration set for the current model (gcs), set various targetOptions, then change the system target file selection.

% Get configuration set for current model

% Specify target options
targetOptions.TLCOptions = '-aVarName=1'; 
targetOptions.MakeCommand = 'make_rtw'; 
targetOptions.Description = 'my target'; 
targetOptions.TemplateMakefile = 'grt_default_tmf';

% Define a system target file

% Switch system target file

Use targetOptions to verify values (optional).

% Verify values (optional)
          TLCOptions: '-aVarName=1'
         MakeCommand: 'make_rtw'
         Description: 'my target'
    TemplateMakefile: 'grt_default_tmf'

Use options to select default ERT target file, instead of set_param(model,'SystemTargetFile','ert.tlc').

% use switchTarget to select toolchain build of defaul ERT target

% Get configuration set for model
myConfigObj = getActiveConfigSet(model);

% Specify target options for toolchain build approach
targetOptions.MakeCommand = ''; 
targetOptions.Description = 'Embedded Coder'; 
targetOptions.TemplateMakefile = '';

% Switch system target file

Input Arguments

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A configuration set object of ConfigSet or configuration reference object of Simulink.ConfigSetRef. Call getActiveConfigSet to get the configuration set object.

Example: myConfigObj = getActiveConfigSet(model);

Specify the name of the system target file (such as ert.tlc for Embedded Coder® or grt.tlc for Simulink® Coder™) as the name appears in the System Target File Browser.

Example: systemTargetFile = 'ert.tlc';

Structure with fields that define a code generation target options. You can choose to modify certain configuration parameters by filling in values in a structure field. If you do not want to use options, specify an empty structure ([]).

Name-Value Arguments

Example: targetOptions = [];

Specify the structure field values of the targetOptions. If you choose not to specify options, use an empty structure ([]).

Example: targetOptions.TemplateMakefile = 'myTMF';

Example: targetOptions.TLCOptions = '-aVarName=1';

Example: targetOptions.MakeCommand = 'make_rtw';

Example: targetOptions.Description = 'Create Visual C/C++ Solution File for Embedded Coder';

Version History

Introduced in R2009b