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Find out how an AbstractKineticLaw object is used



rxnList= findUsages(aklObj,model) returns a vector of reactions in model that use the AbstractKineticLaw object aklObj. For details of what SimBiology® checks to decide whether an abstract kinetic law is used, see Component Usage.


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Load a sample project.

sbioloadproject gprotein.sbproj

List all reactions in the model that use the MassAction abstract kinetic law.

akl = sbioselect('Type','abstract_kinetic_law','Name','MassAction');
list = findUsages(akl,m1)
list = 
   SimBiology Reaction Array

   Index:    Reaction:              
   1         L + R <-> RL           
   2         Gd + Gbg -> G          
   3         G + RL -> Ga + Gbg + RL
   4         R <-> null             
   5         RL -> null             
   6         Ga -> Gd               

Input Arguments

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Abstract kinetic law, specified as a AbstractKineticLaw object.

SimBiology model, specified as a model object, or vector of model objects.

Output Arguments

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List of reactions that use aklObj, returned as a vector of reaction objects.

Version History

Introduced in R2016b