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Root object

Hold models, unit libraries, and abstract kinetic law libraries


The SimBiology® root object contains a list of the SimBiology model objects and SimBiology libraries. The components that the libraries contain are: all available units, unit prefixes, and available abstract kinetic law objects. There are two types of libraries: one contains components that are built in (BuiltInLibrary), and the other contains components that are user defined (UserDefinedLibrary).

You can retrieve SimBiology model objects from the SimBiology root object. A SimBiology model object has its Parent property set to the SimBiology root object.

See Property Summary for links to root object property reference pages.

Properties define the characteristics of an object. Use the get and set commands to list object properties and change their values at the command line. You can interactively change object properties in the SimBiology desktop.

Constructor Summary

sbiorootReturn SimBiology root object

Method Summary

copyobjCopy SimBiology object and its children
deleteDelete SimBiology object
displayDisplay summary of SimBiology object
getGet SimBiology object properties
reset (root)Delete all model objects from root object
setSet SimBiology object properties

Property Summary

BuiltInLibraryLibrary of built-in components
ModelsContain all model objects
TypeDisplay SimBiology object type
UserDefinedLibraryLibrary of user-defined components

Version History

Introduced in R2006b