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Class: SimBiology.export.Model

Determine whether an exported SimBiology model is accelerated


tf = isAccelerated(model)
tf = isAccelerated(model,computerType)


tf = isAccelerated(model) returns true if model is accelerated for the current type of computer, and false otherwise.

tf = isAccelerated(model,computerType) returns true if model is accelerated for the specified computer type.

Input Arguments


SimBiology.export.Model object.


String specifying a computer type. You can specify any valid archstr supported by the function computer.

Output Arguments


Logical value true if model is accelerated for the current computer type, or computer type specified by computerType. Logical value false if the exported model is not accelerated for the specified computer type.


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Load a sample SimBiology model object, and export.

modelObj = sbmlimport('lotka');
em = export(modelObj)
em = 

  Model with properties:

           Name: 'lotka'
     ExportTime: '12-Dec-2012 15:20:13'
    ExportNotes: ''

Accelerate the exported model.

ans =


The logical value 1 indicates that the exported model is accelerated.