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Resource Releaser

Release entity resources

  • Library:
  • SimEvents


The Resource Releaser block releases the use of resources for a passing entity. You can specify that the block release certain resource types or release all resources.

Available Resources

Use the Available Resources controls to:

  • Select the resources from the resources defined in all the Resource Pool blocks in the model.

  • Add the resources to the Selected Resources table, where you can modify them.

The list displays all the resources in the model. (If there are no resources, the Available Resources list is empty).

If the resource list is long, you can type the resource name in the text box to filter the list.

Use the buttons in the Available Resources section to help build the resources table. The buttons perform these actions.


Refresh the Available Resources list. The list updates with any upstream model changes you make while the block dialog box is open.

Add the selected resources to the Selected Resources table.

Move the selected resource from the Selected Resources table to the Available Resources list.

If the selected resource is one you added manually, this button appears dimmed.

The message area below the available resources list displays additional messages about the resources, as they apply.


> Resource already selected

You have already added the resource to the Selected Resources table. You cannot add the resource to the table again.

Selected Resources

Use the controls under Selected Resources to build and manage the list of resources to release. Each resource appears as a row in a table.

Using these controls, you can:

  • Add a resource manually.

  • Modify a resource that you added to the table from the Available Resources list to release.

The buttons under Selected Resources perform these actions.


Add a template resource to the table.

Rename the resource and specify its properties.

Add a copy of the selected resource to the table to use as the basis of a new resource.

Rename the copy. Two resources cannot have the same name.

Remove the selected resource from the Selected Resources table.

When you delete a resource this way, no confirmation appears and you cannot undo the operation.

Move the selected resource up in order in the Selected Resources table.


Move the selected resource down in order in the Selected Resources table.



If you delete a row and apply the change, the deletion can affect signal output ports corresponding to other attributes. For example, if the block has a signal output port A2 and you delete the attribute with a port marked A1, the block relabels A2 as A1. Verify that any signal that connects to the relabeled port is still connected as you expect.



The name of the resource to release.

Double-click the existing name, and then type the new name.



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Input entity port for entities entering the block.

Data Types: single | double | int8 | int16 | int32 | uint8 | uint16 | uint32 | Boolean | enumerated | bus


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Output entity port for entities exiting the block.

Data Types: single | double | int8 | int16 | int32 | uint8 | uint16 | uint32 | Boolean | enumerated | bus


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Select the resources to release.

  • All

    Release the use of all resources for a passing entity.

  • Selected

    Release selected resources. Selecting this option enables the Available Resources table.

Programmatic Use

Block Parameter: ResourceToRelease
Type: character vector
Values: 'All' | 'Selected'
Default: 'All'

Introduced in R2016a