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Open data dictionary for editing



dictionaryObj = opens the specified data dictionary and returns a object representing an existing data dictionary identified by its file name and, optionally, file path with dictionaryFile.

Make sure any dictionaries referenced by the target dictionary are on the MATLAB path.


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Open the data dictionary myDictionary_ex_API.sldd and represent it with a object named myDictionaryObj.

myDictionaryObj ='myDictionary_ex_API.sldd')
myDictionaryObj = 

  Dictionary with properties:

          DataSources: {'myRefDictionary_ex_API.sldd'}
    HasUnsavedChanges: 0
           NumberOfEntries: 4

Input Arguments

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Target data dictionary, specified as a character vector containing the file name and, optionally, path of the dictionary. If you do not specify a path, searches the MATLAB path for the specified file. also supports paths specified relative to the MATLAB working folder.

Example: 'myDictionary_ex_API.sldd'

Example: 'C:\Users\jsmith\myDictionary_ex_API.sldd'

Example: '..\myOtherDictionary.sldd'

Data Types: char

Version History

Introduced in R2015a