Simulink Block Support for Variable-Size Signals

Simulink Block Data Type Support

The Simulink® Block Data Type Support table includes a complete list of blocks that support variable-size signals.

To view the table:

  1. Open a Simulink model.

  2. In the MATLAB® command line, enter showblockdatatypetable.

    A separate window with the Simulink Block Data Type Support table opens.

An X in the Variable-Size Support column indicates support for that block.


You can also view the table by entering showblockdatatypetable at the command prompt.

Conditionally Executed Subsystem Blocks

Control port blocks are in conditionally executed subsystems. You can set the Propagate sizes of variable-size signals parameter for these blocks to During execution, Only when execution is resumed (Action Port), and Only when enabling (Enable and Trigger or Function-Call).

Switching Blocks

Switching blocks support variable-size signals by allowing input signals with different sizes and propagating the size of the input signal to the output signal. You can set the Allow different data input sizes parameter for these blocks on the Signal Attributes pane to either on or off.

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