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Open virtual world





A vrworld object representing a virtual world.


The open method opens the virtual world. When the virtual world is opened for the first time, the virtual world internal representation is created based on the associated virtual world 3D file.

If the input argument is an array of virtual world handles, all the virtual worlds associated with those handles are opened.

The virtual world must be open for you to use it. You can close the virtual world with the method close.

You can call the method open more than once, but you must use an appropriate number of close calls before the virtual world returns to a closed state.


Create two vrworld objects by typing

myworld1 = vrworld('vrmount.wrl')
myworld2 = vrworld('vrpend.wrl')

Next, create an array of virtual world handles by typing

myworlds = [myworld1 myworld2];

open(myworlds) opens both of these virtual worlds.

Version History

Introduced before R2006a