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Class: ModelAdvisor.FormatTemplate
Package: ModelAdvisor

Add data to table


setTableInfo(ft_obj, {data})


setTableInfo(ft_obj, {data}) is an optional method that creates a table. ft_obj is a handle to a table template object. data is a cell array of character vectors or objects specifying the information in the body of the table. The Model Advisor creates hyperlinks to objects. If you do not add data to the table, the Model Advisor does not display the table in the result.


Before creating a table, you must specify column titles using the setColTitle method.


Create a table object, ft, add column titles, and add data to the table:

ft = ModelAdvisor.FormatTemplate('TableTemplate');
setColTitle(ft, {'Index', 'Block Name'});
setTableInfo(ft, {'1', 'Gain'});