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Class: ModelAdvisor.Table
Package: ModelAdvisor

Create table


table = ModelAdvisor.Table(row, column)



table = ModelAdvisor.Table(row, column) creates a table object (table). The Model Advisor displays the table object containing the number of rows (row) and columns (column) that you specify.


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Create two table objects, table1 and table2. The Model Advisor displays table1 in the results as a table with one row and one column. The Model Advisor display table2 in the results as a table with two rows and three columns.

table1 = ModelAdvisor.Table(1,1);
table2 = ModelAdvisor.Table(2,3);

Create a table with five rows and five columns containing randomly generated numbers.

Use the following MATLAB® code in a callback function. The Model Advisor displays table1 in the results.

% ModelAdvisor.Table example

matrixData = rand(5,5) * 10^5;

% initialize a table with 5 rows and 5 columns (heading rows not counting)
table1 = ModelAdvisor.Table(5,5);

% set column headings
for n=1:5
    table1.setColHeading(n, ['Column ', num2str(n)]);

% set alignment of second column heading
table1.setColHeadingAlign(2, 'center');

% set column width of second column
table1.setColWidth(2, 3);

% set row headings
for n=1:5
    table1.setRowHeading(n, ['Row ', num2str(n)]);

% set Table content
for rowIndex=1:5
    for colIndex=1:5
        table1.setEntry(rowIndex, colIndex, ...
            num2str(matrixData(rowIndex, colIndex)));

        % set alignment of entries in second row
        if colIndex == 2
            table1.setEntryAlign(rowIndex, colIndex, 'center');

% overwrite content of cell 3,3 with a ModelAdvisor.Text
text = ModelAdvisor.Text('Example Text');
table1.setEntry(3,3, text)