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Class: slmetric.dashboard.Container
Package: slmetric.dashboard

Specify lines on Metrics Dashboard container sides




setSeparators(S) specifies whether there are lines on the sides of an slmetric.dashboard.Container object.

Input Arguments

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The input is a structure or an array of four structures consisting of these fields:


  • S.bottom

  • S.left

  • S.right

Each field must be set to 1 or 0. A value of 1 indicates that there is a line on that container side. A value of 0 indicates that there is no line on that container side. To indicate that the container sides are always the same even if the screen size changes, you can pass one structure. Passing four structures indicates that the container sides can have different separators as the screen width size changes. Use the setWidths method to specify up to four different widths.

Introduced in R2018b