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Create status bar for instrument panel UI

Since R2021b



hSBar = slrealtime.ui.control.StatusBar(hFigure) creates a status bar display for an instrument panel uifigure figure. This bar provides information that is similar to the status bar display in Simulink Real-Time Explorer. For example, when recording stops, the StatusBar displays a message similar to the message that appears in explorer.

For information about display properties, see slrealtime.ui Properties.


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Create a status bar display and adjust the position of the display.

% Create figure 
hFig = uifigure(); 
% Create simulation time component 
hStatus = slrealtime.ui.control.StatusBar(hFig); 
% Change position of the component 
hStatus.Position = [0 0 200 200];

Input Arguments

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The hFigure argument identifies the uifigure to which you are adding the UI component.

Example: hFig = uifigure()

Data Types: function_handle

Output Arguments

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The hSBar argument is the handle to the status bar display component that you create.

Version History

Introduced in R2021b

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