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Operating Points in Stateflow

Save the state of your chart at a certain time in your simulation

Save an operating point to capture the state of a Simulink® model during simulation. If your model contains a Stateflow® chart, the operating point includes information about active states, output and local data, and persistent variables. Use an operating point to specify the initial state for a simulation and to test the response of a Stateflow chart to different settings.


Stateflow.op.BlockOperatingPointOperating point information for Stateflow chart
Stateflow.op.OperatingPointContainerOperating point information for state, box, or function
Stateflow.op.OperatingPointDataOperating point information for chart data

Object Functions

setActiveSet state as active
isActiveDetermine if state is active
highlightActiveStatesHighlight active states
removeHighlightingRemove highlighting of active states
getPrevActiveChildGet previously active substate
setPrevActiveChildSet previously active substate
cloneCopy operating point for Stateflow chart
openDisplay object in editing environment