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Extract message from queue





receive(message_name) extracts an input or local message from queue. If a valid message exists, receive returns true. If a valid message does not exist but there is a message in the queue, the chart removes the message from the queue and receive returns true. If a valid message does not exist and there are no messages in the queue, receive returns false.


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Check the queue for message M and increment the value of x if both of these conditions are true:

  • A message is present in the queue.

  • The data value of the message is equal to 3.

If a message is not present or if the data value is not equal to 3, then the value of x does not change. If a message is present, the chart removes it from the queue regardless of whether x is modified.

if receive(M) && == 3
    x = x+1;

Introduced in R2018b