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Use Parallel Processing for Regression TreeBagger Workflow

This example shows you how to:

  • Use an ensemble of bagged regression trees to estimate feature importance.

  • Improve computation speed by using parallel computing.

The sample data is a database of 1985 car imports with 205 observations, 25 predictors, and 1 response, which is insurance risk rating, or "symboling." The first 15 variables are numeric and the last 10 are categorical. The symboling index takes integer values from -3 to 3.

Load the sample data and separate it into predictor and response arrays.

load imports-85;
Y = X(:,1);
X = X(:,2:end);

Set up the parallel environment to use two cores.

mypool = parpool(2)
Starting parallel pool (parpool) using the 'local' profile ...
Connected to the parallel pool (number of workers: 2).

mypool = 

 Pool with properties: 

            Connected: true
           NumWorkers: 2
              Cluster: local
        AttachedFiles: {}
    AutoAddClientPath: true
          IdleTimeout: 30 minutes (30 minutes remaining)
          SpmdEnabled: true

Set the options to use parallel processing.

paroptions = statset('UseParallel',true);

Estimate feature importance using leaf size 1 and 5000 trees in parallel. Time the function for comparison purposes.

b = TreeBagger(5000,X,Y,'Method','r','OOBVarImp','on', ...
Elapsed time is 49.133258 seconds.

Perform the same computation in serial for timing comparison.

b = TreeBagger(5000,X,Y,'Method','r','OOBVarImp','on', ...
Elapsed time is 125.779240 seconds.

The results show that computing in parallel takes a fraction of the time it takes to compute serially. Note that the elapsed time can vary depending on your operating system.

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