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ThingSpeak  is an Internet of Things (IoT) platform that lets you collect and store sensor data in the cloud and develop IoT applications. The ThingSpeak™ IoT platform provides apps that let you analyze and visualize your data in MATLAB®, and then act on the data. Sensor data can be sent to ThingSpeak from Arduino®, Raspberry Pi™, BeagleBone Black, and other hardware.

Get Started

Learn the basics of ThingSpeak

Channels and Charts API

Use the REST and MQTT APIs to update ThingSpeak channels and to chart numeric data stored in channels

ThingSpeak Apps

Transform and visualize data or trigger an action

MATLAB Analysis and Visualization

Explore and transform data, visualize data in MATLAB plots


Get information on ThingSpeak users, channels, and licenses


Information about HTTP headers, time zones, and error codes

New Releases

Learn about new releases of ThingSpeak

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