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MATLAB Analysis and Visualization

Explore and transform data, visualize data in MATLAB® plots

Use the MATLAB Analysis app to analyze data, such as calculating average humidity, calculating dew point, and eliminating data outliers from a ThingSpeak™ channel using MATLAB functions. After analysis, you can write data to a channel or create a visualization, as described in MATLAB Visualizations App.

Use the MATLAB Visualizations app to visualize data in a ThingSpeak channel. You can view and explore data using interactive visualizations such as area plot, line plot, or scatter plot in static visualizations using other MATLAB plots. You can also make visualizations public and use the URL to embed them on web sites.

You can also Add Functions to Scripts (MATLAB) in MATLAB Analysis and Visualization apps to allow for modular coding.


In addition to the built-in MATLAB functions, you can also use functions from the toolboxes mentioned in MATLAB Toolbox Access.


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thingSpeakReadRead data stored in ThingSpeak channel
thingSpeakWriteWrite data to ThingSpeak channel
urlfilterScrape numbers from web page
thingSpeakAreaFilled area 2-D plot
thingSpeakPlotCreate 2-D line plot
thingSpeakScatterCreate scatter plot
thingSpeakStemCreate discrete sequence or stem plot
thingSpeakPlotYY2-D line plot with Y axes on both sides


MATLAB Analysis and Visualizations App

MATLAB Analysis App

Analyze the data in a channel.

MATLAB Visualizations App

Visualize the data in a channel.

MATLAB Toolbox Access

MATLAB Toolbox Access

See the MATLAB toolboxes that you can use to analyze and visualize your data.

MATLAB Analysis

Regularize Irregularly Sampled Data

Update timestamps of data in a ThingSpeak channel to remove irregularity.

Identify Irregularly Sampled Data

Identify irregular sampled data in a ThingSpeak channel.

Aggregate Data in ThingSpeak Channel

Aggregate data in a ThingSpeak channel to remove irregularity.

Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox

Visualize Distribution of Channel Data with boxplot

Create a box plot of channel data.

Find Mean Ignoring NaN Values

Find mean ignoring NaN values in data.

Fit a Linear Regression Model

Fit a linear regression model to data, and calculate regression coefficients.

Plot a Histogram with a Distribution Fit

Visualize the distribution of data using a histogram.

Curve Fitting Toolbox

Visualize the Relationship of Temperature to Relative Humidity

Explore the relationship between ambient temperature and relative humidity.

Visualize Wind Speed as a Function of Ambient Temperature and Pressure

Plot fitted data to examine the variation of wind speed as a function of ambient air temperature and pressure.

Control System Toolbox Example

Compute Linear Response Characteristics

Compute linear response characteristics of the storing tank temperature of a solar water heater.

Signal Processing Toolbox

Visualize and Remove Outliers in Your Data

Detect and remove outliers in data using Hampel filter.

Remove Outliers in Your Data

Detect and remove outliers in data using Hampel filter.

Visualize Peaks in Your Data

Visualize the peaks (local maxima) in data.

Peak Analysis of Data

Find the peaks (local maxima) in data.

Visualize Abrupt Changes in Signals

Determine changes or breakouts in signals using change-point detection.

Mapping Toolbox

Visualize Path Traversed in Vector Maps

Visualize latitude and longitude data in a vector map.

Visualize Path Traversed in NASA Maps

Visualize path traversed in a NASA raster map.

Datafeed Toolbox

Retrieve Current Financial Data from FRED

Connect to FRED to retrieve financial data.

Financial Toolbox

Visualize Simple Moving Average of Your Data

Calculate the simple moving average of price over time and visualize results.

Create a Candle Plot with Customized Date Axis

Use a timetable of data read from Thingspeak to create a candle plot with a custom axis

Plot the MACD Indicator

Construct financial time series object to plot the MACD indicator.

DSP System Toolbox

Remove High-Frequency Noise in Measured Data

Remove high frequency noise with a customized low-pass filter.

Generate Chirp Signal

Generate a linear chirp signal.

System Identification Toolbox

Fit an Autoregression Model to the Tidal Depth Data

Fit an Autoregression model and calculate the parameters and their uncertainties.

Visualize and Compare Measured and Predicted Tidal Depths

Compare and validate measured and predicted tidal wave depths.

Forecast Tidal Depths

Compare and validate measured and predicted tidal wave depths.

Neural Network Toolbox

Create and Train a Feedforward Neural Network

Create and train a feedforward neural network to predict temperature from humidity.

Plot Error Histogram

Visualize errors between targeted and predicted values as a histogram.

Image Processing Toolbox

Detect and Measure Circular Objects in an Image

Detect circular objects in a web-based image using ThingSpeak and tools from the Image Processing Toolbox™.

Text Analytics Toolbox

Visualize Word Frequency in a WordCloud

Use a word cloud to visualize the frequency of colors tweeted to CheerLights.

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