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Collect Data in a New Channel

This example shows how to create a new channel to collect analyzed data. You read data from the public ThingSpeak channel 12397 - Weather Station, and write it into your new channel.

Create a Channel

  1. Sign In to ThingSpeak™ using either your MathWorks® Account or ThingSpeak account, or create a new MathWorks account.

  2. Click Channels > MyChannels.

  3. On the Channels page, click New Channel.

  4. Check the boxes next to Fields 1–3. Enter these channel setting values:

    • Name: Dew Point Measurement

    • Field 1: Temperature (F)

    • Field 2: Humidity

    • Field 3: Dew Point

  5. Click Save Channel at the bottom of the settings.

    You now see these tabs:

    • Private View: This tab displays information about your channel that only you can see.

    • Public View: If you choose to make your channel publicly available, use this tab to display selected fields and channel visualizations.

    • Channel Settings: This tab shows all the channel options you set at creation. You can edit, clear, or delete the channel from this tab.

    • API Keys: This tab displays your channel API keys. Use the keys to read from and write to your channel.

    • Data Import/Export: This tab enables you to import and export channel data.

Next Steps

Your channel is available for future use by clicking Channels > My Channels.

In the next example, Analyze Your Data, you use the temperature and humidity data from the public WeatherStation channel to calculate the dew point data. Then you can write the temperature, humidity, and calculated dew point data to Fields 1, 2 and 3, respectively, of your Dew Point Measurement channel.

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