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Read parameter values

Since R2020b



paramsTable = readParameters(ulogOBJ) reads the data of all initial parameters from the specified ulogreader object and returns a table that contains all the parameter names with their respective values.


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Load the ULOG file. Specify the relative path of the file.

ulog = ulogreader('flight.ulg');

Read all topic messages.

msg = readTopicMsgs(ulog);

Specify the time interval between which to select messages.

d1 = ulog.StartTime;
d2 = d1 + duration([0 0 55],'Format','hh:mm:ss.SSSSSS');

Read messages from the topic 'vehicle_attitude' with an instance ID of 0 in the time interval [d1 d2].

data = readTopicMsgs(ulog,'TopicNames',{'vehicle_attitude'}, ... 
'InstanceID',{0},'Time',[d1 d2]);

Extract topic messages for the topic.

vehicle_attitude = data.TopicMessages{1,1};

Read all system information.

systeminfo = readSystemInformation(ulog);

Read all initial parameter values.

params = readParameters(ulog);

Read all logged output messages.

loggedoutput = readLoggedOutput(ulog);

Read logged output messages in the time interval.

log = readLoggedOutput(ulog,'Time',[d1 d2]);

Input Arguments

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ULOG file reader, specified as a ulogreader object.

Output Arguments

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Initial parameters, returned as a table with the columns:

  • Parameters

  • Value

Version History

Introduced in R2020b