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Import J1939 log file


pgs = j1939ParameterGroupImport(file,vendor,database)



pgs = j1939ParameterGroupImport(file,vendor,database) reads the input file as a CAN message log file from the specified vendor. Using the specified CAN database, the CAN messages are converted into J1939 parameter groups, and assigns the output to the array pgs.


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Read a CAN message log file, and generate J1939 parameter groups according to a CAN database.

db = canDatabase('MyDatabase.dbc');
pgs = j1939ParameterGroupImport('MsgLog.asc','Vector',db);

Input Arguments

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CAN message log file, specified as a character vector or string.

Example: 'MyDatabase.dbc'

Data Types: char | string

Vendor file format, specified as a character vector or string. The supported file formats are those defined by Vector and Kvaser.

Example: 'Vector'

Data Types: char | string

CAN database, specified as a database handle.

Output Arguments

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J1939 parameter groups, returned as a parameter group array.

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Introduced in R2017a