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Reconstruct wavelet packet coefficients


X = wprcoef(T) reconstructs coefficients of the node 0 of the wavelet packet tree T.

wprcoef is a one- or two-dimensional wavelet packet analysis function.


X = wprcoef(T,N) reconstructs coefficients of the node N of the wavelet packet tree T.


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Load and plot a signal.

load noisdopp
title("Original Signal")

Decompose the original signals at depth 3 with db1 wavelet packets using Shannon entropy. To handle the problem of border distortion, the wpdec function uses zero padding as the extension mode. For more information, see dwtmode.

T = wpdec(noisdopp,3,"db1","shannon");

Plot the wavelet packet tree.


Reconstruct the packet at node (2,1).

X = wprcoef(T,[2 1]);

Plot the reconstructed packet.

title("Reconstructed Packet (2,1)")

Input Arguments

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Wavelet packet tree, specified as a wptree object.

Node in the wavelet packet tree T, specified as a nonnegative integer or as a pair of nonnegative integers.

Output Arguments

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Reconstructed coefficients of the wavelet packet, returned as a row vector.

Version History

Introduced before R2006a