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Spectrum Monitoring

Capture and analyze IQ data from the air using preamble or energy detection

Configure your software-defined radio (SDR) as a preamble detector or energy detector to detect and capture specific signals from the air. You can specify standard-based or custom waveforms for detection. Use the captured data to analyze, simulate, test, and validate wireless systems.


preambleDetectorConfigure SDR as preamble detector (Since R2022a)
energyDetectorConfigure SDR as energy detector (Since R2023b)


captureCapture signal of interest from the air upon detection (Since R2022a)
plotThresholdPlot preamble detection signals for triggering (Since R2022a)
plotDetectionSignalsPlot energy detection signals for triggering (Since R2023b)
transmitTransmit waveform using preamble or energy detector (Since R2022a)
stopTransmissionStop transmission from preamble or energy detector (Since R2022a)