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How much memory a Sparse Matrix created using SPRAND, with given number of rows, columns and density consume in MATLAB 7.14 (R2012a)?

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If I know the number of rows (say m) and the number of columns (say n) of a sparse matrix, to be created using SPRAND with density (say rho). How much is the memory consumed with such a matrix and also are there any guidelines as to when use SPARSE matrices compared to standard matrix?

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 12 Nov 2020
Edited: MathWorks Support Team on 12 Nov 2020
In MathWorks documentation, there exists a formula to compute this :
Strategies for Efficient Use of Memory:
Sub-Topic : Make Arrays Sparse When Possible
Basic calculation for memory consumption :
In general, for a sparse double array with nnz nonzero elements and ncol columns, the memory required is
- 16 * nnz + 8 * ncol + 8 bytes (on a 64 bit machine)
- 12 * nnz + 4 * ncol + 4 bytes (on a 32 bit machine)
nnz = Number of non-zeros
ncol = Number of columns of the Sparse Matrix
Also, note SPARSE matrices are stored in a different fashion compared to standard matrices in MATLAB, hence under certain circumstances SPARSE matrices may consume more memory compared to standard matrices.
As a guideline you can follow this :
* If the memory consumption (computed using the formula above) > 8*NumOfRows*NumOfColumns => then it is not recommended.
The memory consumption and the proper usage of Sparse Matrices can be written as a MATLAB function as :
function tdensity(m,n,rho)
if nargin == 3
nnzS = m * n * rho
bytesS64 = 16*nnzS + 8*(n+1)
% bytesS32 = 12*nnzS + 4*(n+1)
bytesA = 8 * m * n
if bytesS64 > bytesA
disp('It is not worthwhile to store your matrix in sparse format, on 64-bit platforms')
disp('It is worthwhile to store your matrix in sparse format, on 64-bit platforms')
maxnnzS64 = (8*m*n - 8*(n+1)) / 16
disp(sprintf('The maximum number of nonzeros to make it worthwhile to store your matrix in sparse format on 64-bit platforms is %d',maxnnzS64))


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