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How do I transfer a Concurrent or Network Named User MATLAB license to a new server?

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How do I transfer a Concurrent or Network Named User MATLAB license to a new server?

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 15 Feb 2021
Edited: MathWorks Support Team on 17 Feb 2021
To transfer a network license to a new computer, you must be a license administrator on the license in question and have the host ID of the new server. To obtain the host ID see the following article:
Once you have obtained the host ID you can transfer the license to the new server.
To transfer the license:
  1. Go to the MathWorks License Center:
  2. Click on the license that you would like to transfer.
  3. Click on the tab "Install and Activate".
  4. Click on the Activation Label for the old machine.
  5. Click “Deactivate”.
  6. Once the previous activation is gone, click “Activate” and provide the new information.
  7. Once activation is complete, you will be able to download the new license file and File Installation Key.
Please note that deactivating your MATLAB license on the MathWorks website will not disable your existing license server. Once your clients have been migrated to the new server, you are responsible for shutting down your old license server to maintain compliance with the MATLAB Software License Agreement.
Once you have the license file for the new server, see the following article for instructions on setting up the new license server:
After you have set up the new license server, the client computers that run MATLAB will need to be adjusted to aim at the new license server for the license checkout. Please see the article below for this process.

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Margaret on 18 May 2015
This gives me the key for the client. I need a key for the server.
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Scott on 18 Aug 2015
Hi Margaret,
The File Installation Key is the same for both the server and the client. If you are having trouble updating your license server, please contact MathWorks support:
MathWorks Installation & Licensing Support

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Shane Colburn
Shane Colburn on 12 Oct 2016
I am trying to use a Total Academic Headcount license on my machine and while installing I have been asked to provide the location of the license file; however, I am unable to generate the license file using these instructions. When I go to the license center and then click on the license, there is no "Install and Activate" tab visible. The only option available is to download the software. What could be causing this?
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Kyle Perry
Kyle Perry on 16 Nov 2016
Hi Shane, this may be because of settings on your school's license. Please contact your school for instructions on how to install MATLAB on a computer from their license.

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Oyunchimeg Mendbayar
Oyunchimeg Mendbayar on 20 Sep 2017
I had a license.lic file and file installation key from the admin and installed license manager and matlab many times. Made a changes in License file. It says installation complete but it doesn't work. It gives a License Manager Error-8. Isn't it possible to get license file for my computer.

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