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What is a Personal License Passcode (PLP) or a license file and how do I obtain one for my MATLAB license?

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 1 Nov 2023
Edited: MathWorks Support Team on 23 Jul 2021
A Personal License Passcode (PLP) is a unique string of numbers that enables the installation of MATLAB R2007b and earlier on a Windows machine.
Beginning with R2008a, PLPs are no longer used to install MATLAB. MATLAB installation is now achieved by signing into the MATLAB installer. For more information about installing MATLAB R2008a and later, please see the MATLAB documentation:
If you need to install R2007b or older you still must obtain a PLP. Contact MathWorks Support to obtain a PLP. Please note that PLP requests can only be submitted by a license administrator.
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 27 Jun 2016
PLP authorized individual computers even without access to the Internet or license servers. As the academic institution is paying for your license, they get to control the rules under which such licenses are given out to students -- rules like enrollment in particular courses, or minimum number of academic hours, or some kind of revocation for students who drop out. Mathworks is not going to assume that anyone who has an email address at a particular institution is a Student there, let alone one of the ones currently authorized under the institution's policies.
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 25 Apr 2017
yara sbaihat: PLP was a form of installation authorization password that was used in the past. The closest to that which exists in current versions is a File Installation Key.

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