How do I overcome antivirus blockages of MATLAB Compiler 4.13 (R2010a) created deployable package execution on target machine?

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I am creating deployable package comprising of my MATLAB programs. When I execute them on target machines running antivirus software such as Norton 2009 or Avira Antivirus, program is always blocked and quarantined. I can recover it from quarantine or disable the auto scanning functionality but this is not really satisfactory for my users who may not realize what is happening.

Accepted Answer

MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 23 Jul 2010
If the anti-virus software (such as Norton 2009 or Avira) complains about the PACKAGE, then consider not using a package and just send the MCRInstaller.exe and application as a ZIP file separately to the end users.
However if the anti-virus software (such as Norton 2009 or Avira) complains about the application itself, then do not embed the CTF-file. You can use the -C option in MCC or unchecking "Embed CTF archive into the Application" in DEPLOYTOOL for creating separate CTF archive. More information on creating separate CTF archive is available in the following web pages:
Additionally note that this behavior might also occur if the package is run as a batch (.bat) file while installing MCR (MATLAB Component Runtime) at the target machines. Batch files are often blocked by windows and/or antivirus policies. Instead of running the .bat file, run the MCRInstaller.exe to install the MCR and then run your application.

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