Why am I getting the error "Cannot create output file setup" when running the MATLAB installer?

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When I run the MATLAB installer, I get following error and it fails to launch:
Cannot create output file setup
It may show an error about another file other than setup:
  ERROR: Cannot create file activate.ini

Accepted Answer

MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 2 Oct 2017
This error usually occurs when running the MATLAB installer from the downloads folder. Depending on your system configuration, the MATLAB installer may not be able to write to this folder, this is usually due to permissions restrictions on the downloads folder.
As a workaround, move the file to your desktop and then run it. This will create a _temp_matlab_R20XXx folder on your desktop. The installer is contained within this folder.
This error can also occur when running the MATLAB web installer from a burned DVD. To work around the issue, create a folder on your desktop (or another temporary location on your computer and copy the entire contents of the DVD or downloaded files to that folder, and start the installer from the new folder.

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Paul on 16 Nov 2016
Just extract it manually.
To do: right click, extract to matlab_R201xx with winrar or zip. You will get a notification that autorun.inf can't be extracted, but you don't need it because you will run it manually. Go to the extracted files and do double click in setup.exe :)

Loutfi Belaaribi
Loutfi Belaaribi on 6 Oct 2017
Hi all,
You should do it manually by extracting the file matlab_R20xx_xxxxx that you had downloaded using WinZip or win WinRar, after you will get some files including a file named Setup, run it and you will install Matlab correctly


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