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Why do I receive License Manager Error -1?

Why do I get the following error:
License Manager Error -1.
Cannot find license file


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Answer by MathWorks Support Team on 11 Jan 2019
Edited by MathWorks Support Team on 11 Jan 2019
 Accepted Answer

This error is either a result of a missing license.dat file, or not having read permissions to the license.dat file.
To check the license file, please refer to solution 1-63ZIR6 "Where are the license files for MATLAB located?"
If you're using a network installation, contact your license administrator for a new license file.
If you have an standalone license try starting MATLAB from the bin folder.
Windows - C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R20XXx\bin\matlab.exe
Linux - /usr/local/MATLAB/R20XXx/bin//matlab
Mac - /Applications/
If MATLAB starts properly, delete the shortcut and create a new one.
How do I create a shortcut or link to MATLAB?
If you are receiving this error when entering a PLP for MATLAB R12 or R13 on Windows, this is a result of using a passcode generated from the license center. These PLPs will work as far back as R14. Any earlier passcodes will need to be requested from our Customer Service team here:


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