How can I instruct Simulink to display both the release number as well as version in the warning displayed when I open a model created with a newer version of Simulink?

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When I open a model created with a newer version of Simulink, I receive the following warning,
Warning: Loading model 'vdp' generated with a newer version (7.1) of Simulink.
How do I instruct Simulink to display the release number of the version of Simulink as well?

Accepted Answer

MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 27 Jun 2009
The ability to display the release associated with the version of Simulink a model was created with is not available in Simulink 7.1 (R2008a). As a workaround, consult the following list of version and release numbers for Simulink.
Release Version
13.0.1 5.0.2
13+ 5.0.2
13sp1 5.1
13sp1+ 5.1.1
13sp2 5.2
14 6.0
14sv 6.0
14sp1 6.1
14sp1sv 6.1
14sp2 6.2
14sp2+ 6.2.1
14sp3 6.3
14sp3sv 6.3
2006a 6.4
2006a+ 6.4.1
2006b 6.5
2006bPV1 6.5.101
2007a 6.6
2007aSV 6.6
2007a+ 6.6.1
2007b 7.0
2007b+ 7.0.1
2008a 7.1
2008b 7.2

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