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Judah S

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Asked by Judah S
on 27 Jun 2011
I have some errors on x and y axes and I am able to plot error on the y axis by using errorbar. I am not able to plot error on x axis together on the same graph. Here is the code.
close all;
clear all;
r0 = 2.2;
vout = [0.391710782 0.349193537 0.299451595 0.268145156];
x_conc = [605.5 697 807 949];
rs = (3.6./vout-2)/r0;
error_vout = [0.014846491 0.009265438 0.020145148 0.018445414];
error_conc = [16.5 2 6 6]; % error in concentration
error_rs = 3.6*error_vout./vout.^2;
xlim([0.9*min(x_conc) 1.1*max(x_conc)]);
x_conc is my x axis and rs is y. error_rs is the error on y axis which I plotted. In the graph it is shown vertically since rs is on y axis. Now how can I plot error_conc? I don't know to plot this error horizontally since x_conc is on x axis.
I will be thankful if someone helps.


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2 Answers

Answer by Daniel Shub
on 27 Jun 2011
 Accepted Answer

There are a number of functions on the FEX that should allow you to do this. I haven't used any of them, but
looks promising.
If that doesn't work for you maybe this one will:


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Answer by Judah S
on 27 Jun 2011

Thanks Daniel but I am not sure I can use it in this case.


Daniel Shub
on 27 Jun 2011
Can you tell us why you cannot use it? I have added another FEX submission link, that might be better for what you want.
Judah S
on 27 Jun 2011
this worked.
Judah S
on 27 Jun 2011
First one could probably be useful if I had gone for each point and defined the error separately. It's almost same if I run a command to draw line on both directions of the points.

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