Can I use one Matlab 2010a individual license on both a work station and a laptop?

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Matlab R2010a is presently running on my workstation. The license agreement appears to say that I might also run on a laptop, but I receive an Error 1,616: No more activations are available for this user.

Accepted Answer

Eric on 1 Nov 2013
How many activations does the Mathworks License Center show? Go to Then click on the license of interest and then click on the "Activation and Installation" tab. This will show what machines are currently activated. It's possible the license has already been activated on too many machines and you need to deactivate one. Click on the machine you wish to deactivate and then click the "Deactivate" button. From there you will get a dialog box that does include an option to deactivate a machine that is no longer available.
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chitresh on 1 Nov 2013
OK, may be it work with this i am not sure... copy your folder where you installed matlab from workstation (generally we stored in c partion) and paste it to your (c partion where you install your software) laptop.. have a try and if it works let me know

John Batchelder
John Batchelder on 1 Nov 2013
Thank you, chitresh. I tried your solution, to no avail.


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