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how to do plotting with different colors in same figure?

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My sample code is this:
for i=1:5
This plots 5 different curves of same color.
How to plot each curve with a different color ?
CPS on 2 Mar 2017
for i=1:5
This will generate an automatic graph.
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 2 Mar 2017
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Accepted Answer

Simon on 6 Nov 2013
If you plot like
and y is a matrix, you get plots with different color automatically. But you can do something like this to get manual coloring:
colorstring = 'kbgry';
figure(1); cla;
hold on
for i = 1:5
plot(x,y(:, i), 'Color', colorstring(i))
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 2 May 2023
Edited: Image Analyst on 2 May 2023
@Kamilu Sanusi sorry I don't have that function on my computer. See if there is a 'LineWidth' or 'MarkerSize' option for it.
help pzmap
PZMAP Pole-zero map of dynamic systems. PZMAP(SYS) computes the poles and (transmission) zeros of the dynamic system SYS and plots them in the complex plane. The poles are plotted as x's and the zeros are plotted as o's. PZMAP(SYS1,SYS2,...) shows the poles and zeros of several systems SYS1,SYS2,... on a single plot. You can specify distinctive colors for each model, for example: pzmap(sys1,'r',sys2,'y',sys3,'g') [P,Z] = PZMAP(SYS) returns the poles and zeros of the system in two column vectors P and Z. No plot is drawn on the screen. The functions SGRID or ZGRID can be used to plot lines of constant damping ratio and natural frequency in the s or z plane. For arrays SYS of dynamic systems, PZMAP plots the poles and zeros of each model in the array on the same diagram. See PZPLOT for additional graphical options for pole/zero plots. See also PZPLOT, POLE, ZERO, SGRID, ZGRID, RLOCUS, DYNAMICSYSTEM. Documentation for pzmap doc pzmap Other uses of pzmap DynamicSystem/pzmap lti/pzmap

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More Answers (7)

Kelly Kearney
Kelly Kearney on 6 Nov 2013
Also, using colormaps and set with multiple handles + cell arrays can be helpful if you need a lot of colors.
x = 1:100;
ii = (1:20)';
y = ii*log(x);
h = plot(x,y);
set(h, {'color'}, num2cell(jet(length(ii)), 2));

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 6 Nov 2013
Simon showed you how to specify custom colors for each curve. If you want to know how to change the default color order, see my demo attached below.

Korosh Agha Mohammad Ghasemi
Edited: Korosh Agha Mohammad Ghasemi on 7 Dec 2020
% -------- Ways to contact me ----------
% Korosh Agha Mohammad Ghasemi !
% Chemical Engineering at Shiraz University
for a=[0.1 0.5 1 2 4]
y=x.^a; %The function is hypothetical
if a == 0.1 %Any color can be substituted
plot(x,y,'k') %Now choose the color
hold on
elseif a == 0.5
plot(x,y,'b') %Now choose the color
hold on
elseif a==1
plot(x,y,'g') %Now choose the color
hold on
elseif a==2
plot(x,y,'r') %Now choose the color
hold on
elseif a==4
plot(x,y,'y') %Now choose the color
hold on
grid on

PeopleMATLAB on 13 Oct 2016
colormap jet;
for i=1:5
plot(x, y(i,:), 'Color', Plot_color);
hold on;
hold off;
K275 on 15 Nov 2016
FYI: This code generates an error because i/5 is not an integer or logical.

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farhat khan
farhat khan on 19 Jul 2019
gys i have a question ..... how to detect the object with color based detection if the required object have more then one color e.g green and black ..........
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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 19 Jul 2019
I don't beleive you can plot a single set of data with two colors and one call to plot (plotyy notwithstanding). You have to keep track of the handle of the things you plotted:
hGreen = plot(x1, y1, 'g-'); % Plot a green line.
hBlack = plot(x2, y2, 'k-'); % Plot a black line.
I'm not sure how you'd detect what the color was if you didn't save the handle to the colored line you plotted, but maybe there is a way by using findobj() and seeing if you can get the color of any line object as a property. It's certainly not as straightforward so I recommend you just save the handles to the colors of the lines you drew, if you plan to detect them later.

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SYAHIRAH ZAKI on 7 Dec 2020
hi does anoyne know how to get different plot colors for each of my graph?
if i change the 'r' to 'g', i only get one color for each of my graph. I need each of my plot in different colour. please help me :(
% Script file graph2.
% Several plots of the rational function y = x/(1+x^2)
% in the same window.
k = 0;
for n=1:3:10
n10 = 10*n;
x = linspace(-2,2,n10);
y = x./(1+x.^2);
k = k+1;
title(sprintf('Graph %g. Plot based upon n = %g points.' ...
, k, n10))

Da Bu
Da Bu on 22 Apr 2021
for a small set of colors, you can use ColorOrderIndex
for i=1:5
plot(t,sin(t)*i), hold on
ax = gca;
ax.ColorOrderIndex = i;


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