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Daniel Shub
Daniel Shub on 29 Jun 2011
What is your MATLAB desktop layout like? I have always kept everything but the command window undocked.
Recently, I got a bigger monitor and have been trying GNOME 3 (where there is no minimize button). It made me realize that maybe I would benefit from docking my figures.

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Matt Fig
Matt Fig on 29 Jun 2011
O.k., I will take the counter-point to Sean de's response: Ewwww dockage!
I use only the command window and command history, and the command history is usually just a narrow slit that I can make larger if I need to do so. All figures and the editor are separate windows. I never use the Workspace (that's what WHOS is for), or the Current Directory (I've got WHATS for that) or any of the other little gizmos they have added on.
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Daniel Shub
Daniel Shub on 11 Jul 2011
I have now tried dockage and I concur with Matt, ewwwww dockage. You also get points for pointing out the blog posts. Not sure how I missed that.

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Jan on 29 Jun 2011
When I run Matlab on a netbook with a tiny screen, I remove the statusbar and menubar of the docked command window. The editor is maximized also and all other windows are created on demand only, which is very rare: I access the current directory popup programmatically, Matt Fig's WHATS helps also, the history by the arrow keys, the workspace browser is retired, because all variables are stored in the GUIs or on the disk.
Well, I admit it does not look cool, especially with the classic scheme in Windows XP:
Daniel Shub
Daniel Shub on 11 Jul 2011
I am surprised you just don't run it form the command line or maybe from emacs.

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Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski on 29 Jun 2011
Ewww undockage.
I keep the current directory/workspace tabbed together, the command window is always showing and the editor is always showing but has the variable editor on a tab in the rare event that I inspect variables that way. I hate clutter and can't cope with stuff everywhere (it's especially difficult on a mac where windows tend to hide in strange places with no way to access them).
Good thread idea too; it'll be interesting to see the responses!

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