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Formatting Multiple Curves in One Plot

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cabrego on 8 Nov 2013
Answered: cabrego on 8 Nov 2013
I have a fairly basic question that I have not been able to figure out.
I would simply like to code in the plotting format so I do not have to manually change the solid lines to dash via editor tools.
I am confused because I can not use plot(x,y,'-r') since I am plotting a large array. See below..
plot(Parse(1).data(1:256,1),[Parse(1).data(1:256,2) Parse(2).data(1:256,2) Parse(3).data(1:256,2) Parse(4).data(1:256,2) Parse(5).data(1:256,2) Parse(6).data(1:256,2) Parse(7).data(1:256,2) Parse(8).data(1:256,2)])
Thanks in advanced..

Answers (2)

Vivek Selvam
Vivek Selvam on 8 Nov 2013
Try plot(x,y1,x,y2,...,x,yn) instead of plot(x,[y1 y2 ... yn]).

cabrego on 8 Nov 2013
Your solution would work but I think it is a bit cumbersome.
here is something I figured out...
for p=1:8
hold on

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