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Importing text file data?

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Christopher on 14 Nov 2013
Edited: Cedric Wannaz on 14 Nov 2013
Hello everyone,
I have written a function that imports .txt files and removes the 5 header lines. Right now the function only reads .txt files with 6 columns of data. I am trying to make this file more robust, so that it can read .txt files with any number of data columns up to say 12. I am not sure how to appproach this and was looking for some help in doing so. Here is my function:
if (~isempty(rows_remove)),
Any help would be great.
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per isakson
per isakson on 14 Nov 2013
Did you search the File Exchange for ideas?

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Cedric Wannaz
Cedric Wannaz on 14 Nov 2013
Edited: Cedric Wannaz on 14 Nov 2013
What part are you not able to make more versatile?
If you know a priori the number of columns, you can make the following changes
function data = Load_Data( filename, strain_command_data, nCol )
if nargin < 3
nCol = 5 ; % Default.
formatSpec = repmat( '%f', 1, nCol ) ;
FID = fopen( filename ) ;
data = textscan( FID, formatSpec, 'HeaderLines', 5, 'CollectOutput', 1 ) ;
.. etc.
If you don't know a priori the number of lines, you could determine it based on one line of the header. If the file had the following content
Header line 1..
Header line 2..
dataID time x y
1 120 8.7 9.1
you could determine that there are 4 columns based on the 3rd line of the header which contains column labels..
function data = Load_Data( filename, strain_command_data )
fid = fopen( filename, 'r' ) ;
fgetl( fid ) ; % Skip line 1.
fgetl( fid ) ; % Skip line 2.
colLabels = fgetl( fid ) ;
nCol = numel( regexp( colLabels, '\s+' )) + 1 ;
formatSpec = repmat( '%f', 1, nCol ) ;
data = textscan( fid, formatSpec, 'CollectOutput', 1 ) ;
.. etc.

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