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Some questions about Kinect data aqcuisition using Matlab R2013a

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leon on 27 Nov 2013
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Dear Genious,
I have a big question regarding Kinect acquisition data using Matlab R2013a. As I know that depth data is 12 bit result of matlab reading. Its distance measurement is in millimeters.
I need depth data to get real value of RGB from RGB data by mapping by its coordinates directly after thresholding depth data for only certain distance (example 900mm - 3000 mm). But I read that indices in depth data (from microsoft kinect MSDN website) does not represent realworld index. For your information, I use only Microsoft Kinect SDK v 1.8 and matlab 2013a.
My questions: 1. Do we still need to callibrate kinect to get depth data and rgb data matched? If yes, could you propose me a link to get there? 2. Should I implement a method to match these both data or can I use directly depth data without additional processing? 3. I try to use METADATA that matlab get from kinect and I see there is worldcoordinates. But why I did not get value other then zero in all matrix member when I tried to get 1 frame only?
Thank you so much for your help. I really need this information.

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Martin Schätz
Martin Schätz on 18 Oct 2015
Hi, you don't have to callibrate Kinect to get depth and RGB matched. All is shifted because both sensors are some distance from each other. Here is a page where they have script to create point cloud from rgb and depth data, so you can use just the part for mapping.

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