Problem with CDAQ 9172 communication

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Hi, i trying to communicate Cdaq 9172 with matlab R2011a but i got error.
[ >> daq.getDevices
ans =
No data acquisition devices available. Click here for a list of known vendors. Click here for troubleshooting tips.]
when i check vendors i got this result [ ID: 'ni' FullName: 'National Instruments' AdaptorVersion: '2.18 (R2011a)' DriverVersion: '8.9 NI-DAQmx' IsOperational: false]
but previously i used R2010b and its work ok. I currently used R2011a for my client project.
Thank you

Accepted Answer

Rob Purser
Rob Purser on 5 Jul 2011
R2011a of the Data Acquisition Toolbox requires NI-DAQmx version 9.1 -- you're running 8.9. See the release notes for details.

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