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How to store the blobs centroid in array one by one in loop

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I have 6 blobs in my picture. I want to store the centroid of each blob in one array. I tried so much time but i get error. Why the below code get error
I think i have to form array inside array? that is each address of the centroid pixel array is in one array
centroid = STATS(i).Centroid;
pixelval(i) = centroid;

Accepted Answer

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 14 Jan 2014
Instead of those three lines, try this single line
centroids = [STATS.Centroid];
centroids is an N by 2 array where the first column are the x's and the second column are the y's. Or:
xCentroids = centroids(:,1);
yCentroids = centroids(:,2);

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