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Simulink Coder GRT Target C code integration

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I'm working on a Simulink model and i'm generating the code of a Sybsystem using the GRT Target of Simulink Coder (Matlab R2012B). Now i'd like to integrate this code into a custom C/C++ application. My question is: using GRT target what is the minimum number of files (and what are their names) i have to bring into my application project?
Opening some header files i see some specific #includes like:
#include "rtw_continuous.h"
#include "rtw_solver.h"
#include "tmwtypes.h"
But i don't find these files in the folder containing the generated code. Since my Simulink model is using a Discrete Fixed-Step solver, i don't understand the reason of these files.


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GianCarlo on 28 Jan 2014
Edited: GianCarlo on 28 Jan 2014
Hi Massimiliano,
The number and names of the files generated/required when you generate code from your model depends on the blocks and settings used in your model. However, there is an easy way to manage what you're trying to do. You can use the packNGo feature of Simulink Coder to have all of the required generated code files put into a zip file for you to make exporting the code into your project easier. See the documentation here: Relocate Code to Another Development Environment
You can turn on this export in the configuration parameters:
The files that are not in your generated code directory are standard header files that you will be able to find in your MATLAB installation folders. They contain support for the different solvers and blocks you might use in your model. The types header file contains type definitions used in the generated code, such as int32_T. Using PackNGo means you won't have to find them for yourself and copy them when you export your code to your project.


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Ryan Foss
Ryan Foss on 12 Dec 2019
If you had "Generate code only" checked above in the Configuration Parameters, then the includes will not be put into a .zip folder.
However, with just "Package code and artifacts" checked, you will get a .zip file with all the necessary .c and .h files lincluded.
Moreshwar Inamdar
Moreshwar Inamdar on 17 Jan 2020
Is your problem get solved or not because I am facing the same problem if solved then how?
Michael  Cappiello
Michael Cappiello on 21 Jan 2020
Same here. I am missing rtw continuous.h

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