Simulink display block as stateflow output

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Dlav on 27 Jan 2014
Answered: Chandrasekhar on 1 Apr 2014
Hi, I have following problem, hope some one can help me to solve it. I have Simulink model with Stateflow chart inside. I wish to see all Stateflow outputs using Dispaly block, but it only shows me last output. If I connect Scope I can see all outputs. So question is that I need to do to see all stateflow outputs on the scope.
Thank you.
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Kaustubha Govind
Kaustubha Govind on 31 Mar 2014
When you say all outputs, do you mean that you have multiple outputs, or that you'd like to see all time-samples for one output signal? If it is the latter, I don't think a Display block would be appropriate.

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Chandrasekhar on 1 Apr 2014
Display block can be used only to see the latest output.but if you want to see how the output varies over a period of time then scope should be used. if you have multiple signals of same data type and wish to watch them in a single scope, then multiplex the signals using a mux block and give it to scope.


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